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Make your own story at Netart’s newest old motel

Anytime you tear into an old building, you can expect some unpleasant surprises. And in rebuilding the old motel that is now the hip little Netarts Surf Inn, Skyler Veek and Nick Petersen got plenty of those. But there were the pleasant surprises, too.

“It seems every local has some kind of story about the motel,” says Skyler. “They’ll say, ‘Oh, we partied our butts off in such and such a room,’ or, ‘Oh, I lived in unit 5 for a few years.’”

Netarts Surf Inn room
Rooms are modern beach eclectic

“There was a guy who pulled up in a classic car and he said, ‘Oh, my wife and I stayed here years ago,’ said Nick. Then he told me ‘My friend Doug used to have a car this same year.’ The guy pulls out the original registration and the car was Doug’s from the ‘60s. He bought the car decades ago and came back to town driving it.”

Some visitors, particularly those who traveled, as some might say, ‘back in the day,’ may also find the new motel a bit of surprise. Gone are the dark rooms. Now it’s light, bright and re-imagined in modern beach eclectic, as Skyler calls it. And while there is a part-time innkeeper, it’s really not necessary to even stop by the front desk.

“People just book online,” says Skyler. “It pops up on our phone and Nick calls back and confirms payment. We let them know the code to get the key. That’s all they need.”

You can check out the dog-friendly motel at 4951 Netarts Highway West, or go to and be sure to give a gander to the surfboard décor.

“We contacted all our surfer buddies and used their old, beat up surfboards between the doors of each unit. Each one of those surfboards has a story of a crash and how it was broken.”

Skyler Veek and Nick Petersen in front of Netarts Surf Inn
Skyler Veek and Nick Petersen completely remodeled the old Netarts Surf Inn into a hip, comfortable place to stay
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Lori Tobias
Lori Tobias is a journalist of more than 25 years, most recently as a staff writer for The Oregonian for which she covered the Oregon Coast for a decade. She currently writes a regular column for Oregon Coast Today and freelances for numerous other local, state and national publications. Her novel "Wander" is due out from Red Hen Press in 2016.