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Hello, Neighbor!

Our Commitment to Community

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Welcome to the Tillamook Coast. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay and feel like a temporary local while you enjoy the outdoors, restaurants, shopping, museums and attractions.

Our vacation rental agencies share “Expectations of Conduct” with guests in multiple ways— on their websites, at time of booking, and upon arrival. These are enforceable standards required by the local jurisdiction, but we think it’s good information for residents, too.

Kilchis Point Reserve

Here are a few of the most important expectations, which we call
“Hello Neighbor”

Neighbors and Noise

We live in villages, not big cities. The neighborhood general quiet hours are from 10pm – 7am.


Parked vehicles may not block driveways or emergency vehicle access lanes. You wouldn’t want someone to block your driveway; and obstructed emergency access means delays, and delays could cost someone’s life. Please park smart.

Speed Limits

Be mindful of posted speed limits. If you’re not sure, just slow down.


All garbage will be put in the provided secure containers, and will be picked up by a local franchised hauler at least once a week. Did you know it is a crime to put garbage into a can that is not for your home?


Occupied trailers and tents are not allowed on vacation rental premises at any time.


Leash your pet unless you are in a clearly defined off-leash area. Also, clean up after them, It’s your duty to pick up your pet’s doody!


Fires are only allowed in designated areas, and should never be left unattended or not extinguished with water. Be sure the fire is out completely. That’s also true of barbecues that use wood or charcoal.


The State Fire Marshall says “Keep it legal and keep it safe.” Fireworks are illegal in residential areas, and prohibited on all of our beaches.


Be mindful of where you are flying, and respectful of private property and wildlife.

During COVID

Rental agencies offer contactless check-in and check-out. Guests will be asked if in the last 14 days, has anyone in your party:

  • Been tested for COVID,
  • Tested positive for COVID, and
  • Exhibited symptoms of COVID?

Please, always:
Wear masks, practice social distancing, use hand sanitizer, wash your hands frequently.

Caring for our Coast

We appreciate visitors who care for our coast as much as we do. Take a look at our stewardship page.

Download the Tillamook Coast Pledge.