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The Coast That Cares

On the Tillamook Coast, we’re serious about stewardship. Because we know that our stunning landscapes and the unique character of our communities are what make this place so special. We want visitors and residents alike to join us in caring for our coast so we can all experience the best our region has to offer — now and for many years to come. That’s why, with each experience we create and promote, we aim to provide you with everything you need to make memories and a positive impact during your time here.

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Caring for Our Land, Sea, and Wildlife

As stewards we work to protect our natural resources, and we ask visitors to do the same. That means following local laws and safety guidelines, properly disposing of garbage, leashing and picking up after your pets, and keeping to marked trails. Together, we can explore our vibrant landscapes and leave our coast better than we found it.

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Caring for Local Culture

As stewards, we also seek to preserve local culture. We honor Tillamook Coast’s rich heritage and the traditions of its Indigenous peoples. We treat residents, businesses, and workers with respect and kindness. And we embrace the slower pace that defines our coastal cities and towns so we can fully enjoy the beautiful and diverse experiences they offer.

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Caring for Our Community

At the heart of our communities is a warm and accessible atmosphere that welcomes everyone, whether locals or visitors. So we’re dedicated to stewarding your experience with accessible trails, adaptive equipment, up-to-date travel information, and a commitment to inclusivity as we work to make it possible for all people of all abilities to fully enjoy the Tillamook Coast.

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Caring for Local Businesses

While you’re out exploring, don’t forget that visiting local restaurants and shops — many of which feature locally grown ingredients and locally made goods — is a great way to have a truly authentic Tillamook Coast experience. By supporting local businesses, you’re supporting a sustainable economy and the longevity of our region’s one-of-a-kind offerings.

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Care With Us!

As we extend a warm welcome to explore our outdoors, art, culture, and cuisine, we invite you to help care for our coast, too. Whether by taking our “Care for the Coast” pledge or joining one of our Volunteer Adventures, you can help us protect the natural beauty of our cities and spaces. Together we can preserve the fun and wonders of the Tillamook Coast for many more visits and guests to come.