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Horseback Riding on the Beach

Have you ever dreamed of riding a horse on the beach?

There are plenty of options to make that dream a reality right here in Tillamook County.

Enjoy a scenic ride on ocean beach trails, cascading through sand dunes to the beauty that is the Pacific Ocean coastline. There are several Tillamook County outfitters that offer a variety of options in gorgeous Pacific City and Nehalem Bay.

Horseback riding outfitters in Tillamook County include:

There are experienced horses for riders of all skill levels—so have no fear if you’ve never been on a horse before. The outfitters even have miniature animals for young children. Enjoy a tour of the rugged sand dunes, long beaches and the blue pacific surf. On the guided rides, you’ll have a chance to see coastal wildlife, such as elk, seals and whales.

Dress for the occasion

One of the greatest things about the Oregon Coast is that fun activities take place year-round, regardless of the weather. Horseback rides are no exception: enjoy riding through the rainy and cold months! With a littling planning, you’ll be ready to have a blast, no matter the temp. The Northwest is a wet climate, so be sure to pack or wear your waterproof layers; a good raincoat goes a long way. Wear long pants to avoid chafing, and close-toed shoes for better control in the stirrups. Flip-flops make for a tough ride and they may fall off along the way!

For riding (and for doing most anything in our region), dress in layers! Even in summer, the Tillamook Coast has some chilly days and strong winds. But you may work up a sweat as you get going—riding is a lot more strenuous than simply holding the reins and kicking in the stirrups. It takes leg strength, balance and core stability to ride. Wear a tee or sleeveless shirt as your base layer, and bring a backpack to put away outerwear in case you get hot along the way. And the bag is more than just a repository for your coat: tuck a water bottle and some trail snacks in there before you head out, to keep yourself hydrated and well-fed.

Bring your horse camping

Many people also enjoy camping with their own horses at Nehalem Bay State Park with its six miles of ocean trails and beach riding. The park is located on Hwy 101, 3 miles south of Manzanita. Accommodations include a campsite with two 11’ x 11’ outdoor stalls.

Stay at a hotel and board your horse

You may prefer to stay in one of the many beachfront hotels and board your horse in Cloverdale at Crazy A’s Horse Hotel. A great place to ride is Bob Straub State Park with its 484 acres dedicated to horseback riding and home to the largest haystack rock on the Oregon Coast.

Getting married on the beach?

A sunset ride in a horse-drawn carriage along the lovely Manzanita shoreline with Oregon Beach Rides might be in order.

Call or email the stables in advance to make sure there’s a horse available for you!

When you feel like horsing around, there’s no better place to do that than on the Tillamook Coast.


Photo courtesy of Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides
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