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Tillamook Coast Volunteer Adventures Quick Start Guide

Volunteer Adventures 101 – A quick guide

Each Volunteer Adventure is created to fit your group size and needs. Here is some basic information on what you might expect, as well as answers to FAQ.

Lower Nehalem Community Trust brush cutting group
photo by Lower Nehalem Community Trust

Educational Opportunities

  • How-to Crabbing Clinic
  • Tidepool exploration
  • Guided local hikes
  • Making beach trash art
  • Guided kayaking trip
  • Guest speakers in local history, flora and fauna
  • Working dairy farm tours


Travel to Tillamook County is the responsibility of each participant. We are approximately 90 minutes from Portland. Depending on the size of your group, transportation during your stay may be provided.


Each participant will receive a Welcome Packet that includes local gifts and coupons from local small businesses.


Lunches and dinners are included and feature meals from local small businesses and restaurants. Breakfast is on your own.

Accommodations included and may be at one of the following locations:

  • Nehalem Bay State Park
  • Twin Rocks Friends Camp
  • Twin Rivers Ranch
  • Sheltered Nook
  • Cape Lookout State Park

What to Pack

Oregon Coast weather is moderate with mild days and cooler nights, even in the spring and summer. Bring along layers, including a light rain jacket, a sweatshirt, and a sturdy pair of hiking boots. For volunteer work, pack along work gloves, sunscreen, your favorite water bottle, a sun hat and a long sleeve shirt.

We want to arrange a Volunteer Adventure that suits your needs and physical ability.

Lower Nehalem Watershed Council cleanup
photo by Lower Nehalem Watershed Council
While trips do not require prior experience, all of our projects require participants to be in good physical condition and will involve 3-5 hours of physical labor during your stay. Tools, training, and water will be provided on-site.

Some samples of projects you may be working on during your Volunteer Adventure:

  • Brush cutting
  • Seed sorting
  • Trail maintenance
  • Beach cleanups
  • Ramp and rail construction
  • Invasive plant removal
  • Planting and seed sorting

All trip participants must provide their own health and accident insurance; in case of injury or illness while on their trip. Each participant is required to fill out an Assumption of Risk and Release Form prior to any Volunteer Adventure.

We encourage you to remain active with our project partners even after your Volunteer Adventure. If you are interested in learning more about their work or donating to their efforts, click on the appropriate link from the project partners page.