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Downtown Walking Quilts

In 2010, the Quilt Trail extended into Tillamook and an additional thirty blocks were mounted on buildings of interested citizens and businesses within the city. This, along with the original trail, had the happy result of drawing tourists to the area specifically to see the quilt blocks.

The expansion also resulted in a waiting list of over 50 wishing to join the quilt trail. Coalition members made 30 more 4x4 foot blocks and five more 8x8 foot blocks. The placement of blocks edged into north and south county, and the number on the trail blossomed to 81. The number has reached 104 on the official trail as of September 2017.

Enjoy your walk through the downtown, spotting the quilt blocks and taking time to look for the historical plaques telling the history of several of the buildings.


Type of Quilts

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quilt block Jurisprudence Original TCQT design

Albright Kittell PC

Quilt Block: Jurisprudence - Original TCQT design

2308 3rd Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Albright Kittell PC is the longest established, private law firm in Tillamook County for over 35 years. Christopher M. Kittell and Lois A. Albright provide legal advice to a wide variety of clients, including local families, farmers, businesses and municipalities. The firm provides services in many areas including Wills, Trusts, Probate, Business, Domestic Relations, Guardianships and Conservatorships, Real Estate transactions and disputes, Land Use and Civil Litigation.

quilt block Tree City

City Employees

Quilt Block: Tree City

210 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

The building that houses Tillamook City Hall was built in 1940 and dedicated as a US Post Office. A mural located in the lobby depicts Native Americans present at Capt. Robert Gray’s 1788 landing at Tillamook Bay. It was designed and painted by Lucia Wiley, descendent of Tillamook County pioneers, in 1942. The building was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places by the US Department of Interior on May 12, 1986. The Post Office moved to its new location on May 24, and on October 28 of 1986 the building was dedicated as the new location for Tillamook City Hall.

quilt block Shadow Rays Marcia Hohn original

Coast Printing and Stationery

Quilt Block: Shadow Rays (Marcia Hohn original)

2106 3rd Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Under the direction of the Trusty family since 1952, this nearly 100 year-old building was constructed using beach sand. The family members are fans of the University of Oregon Ducks, note the colors of their quilt block.

quilt block Crazy Amish original Marcia Hohn

Decker Real Estate

Quilt Block: Crazy Amish - Marcia Hohn original

615 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Opened by Carolyn and Stanley Decker in December 1978, Decker Real Estate has listed and sold a variety of real estate with personalized service and professional representation.

quilt block Temple Court

First Christian Church

Quilt Block: Temple Court

2203 4th Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

There were 12 charter members when the Tillamook Christian Church was formally and legally organized in December of 1889. By 1891, the church had purchased land and begun construction of their first building on the northwest corner of what is now Third and Pacific Avenue in Tillamook. By 1892, the building was ready to occupy, using boards for seats. The church relocated to their second, and current, location at Fourth and Laurel Avenue where its building and parking lots cover nearly a city block.

quilt block 8 Pointed Star

Fitzsimonds Insurance Agency

Quilt Block: 8 Pointed Star

108 Stillwell Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

A well-established, family-owned business that has been serving the people of Tillamook since 1964. Their agency has represented Farmers Insurance in Tillamook for two generations.

quilt block path to victory

Fraternal Order of Eagles #2144

Quilt Block: Path to Victory

209 Stillwell Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

A non-profit, charitable organization of men and women who donate their time and money to local charities, the Eagles strive towards improving the quality of life for local families and to assist them in their times of need. The Eagles take pride in creating and promoting a family type atmosphere for their members. They consider it a privilege to be an active member of the local community and are always happy to invite new faces to join the organization. Eagles Lodge #2144.

quilt block Corner Star

Kelly Building

Quilt Block: Corner Star

202 Main Ave
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Completed in August 1925, the building is located on the corner of 2nd street and Main Avenue in Tillamook. The original tenants included a sporting goods store and a cigar store with a soft drink and card parlor. Today it is home to Anderson’s Florist, Sarasota and more.

quilt block St Louis Star

Kit & Caboodle Thrift Shop

Quilt Block: St. Louis Star

1911 1st Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Kit & Caboodle Thrift Shop is operated by Arc of Tillamook County (formerly TARC), benefitting the intellectually and developmentally challenged. The shop opened in 1971 and has been at its current location on First Street in Tillamook since 1982. The shop is staffed by Volunteers.

quilt block Schwabs Window

Les Schwab Tire Center

Quilt Block: Schwab’s Window

1220 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

In January of 1952, Les Schwab purchased a small OK Rubber Welders tire store in Prineville, Oregon. Today, the company is one of the leading independent tire dealers in the US with one of the largest tire retreading plants in the country. Pride in Performance is the value that drives those at Les Schwab.

quilt block Little Rock Block

Marie Mills Center

Quilt Block: Little Rock Block

1800 Front Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Marie Mills, the daughter of Lewis and Barbara Mills, was a very special person born with a Disability. Her “specialness” was not because of her disability, but because of her inspiration. Marie’s family encouraged, taught and supported her in living a full life in spite of her disabilities. She even served tea to President Kennedy when he visited Tillamook in 1960. In 1962, Marie passed away at the age of 13. Inspired by Marie’s legacy, The Marie Mills Center opened in Tillamook in 1978. The Center assists individuals with developmental disabilities in developing to their highest potential and achieve fulfilling lives.

quilt block Wonder Of The World

Marie Mills Group Home

Quilt Block: Wonder of the World

810 Madrona Ave
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Providing support to developmentally disabled adults, in order to achieve maximum levels of independence within their own home and the community at large.

quilt block Malt n Hops Original TCQT design

Pelican Brewing Co. and Tap Room

Quilt Block: Malt-n-Hops - Original TCQT design

1708 First Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Pelican Brewing Company was born at the beach in Pacific City in 1996. Pelican Brewing Company is a craft beer industry leader with fans throughout the Northwest and around the World. The Pelican Brewing Taproom in Tillamook (opened in 2013), offers fresh beer brewed on site and a taste of coastally crafted specialties including deep-fried Tillamook Cheese Curds, Clam Chowder and Pelican Fish & Chips. The Taproom has an outdoor patio and inside seating overlooking the brewery floor so visitors have a chance to sip on legendary Pelican classics like Kiwanda Cream Ale or Tsunami Export Stout, all while watching the talented brew team in action creating these award-winning beers.

quilt block Dorothys Block

Pioneer Veterinary Hospital

Quilt Block: Dorothy’s Block

801 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Purchased by veterinarians Dan Cameron and Peter Miller in 1985, this building was the original Greyhound Bus Depot. Pioneer Vet is a full service mixed animal practice and has been caring for the farm animals and pets of Tillamook for nearly 40 years.

quilt block combo Star of the West and Love in a Mist and Apple of My Eye Original TCQT design

Red Apple Inn

Quilt Block: Star of the West - left, Love in a Mist - middle, Apple of My Eye - Original TCQT design - right

815 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

In business since 1997, the Red Apple Inn is located in central Tillamook with easy access to local fishing areas, the YMCA, museums, restaurants, and more.

quilt block Blooming Square Marcia Hohn original

Roby’s Furniture and Appliance

Quilt Block: Blooming Square – (Marcia Hohn original)

1126 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Roby’s Furniture and Appliances started out in Tillamook in 1950 and now have five locations (Tillamook, Lincoln City, Newport, Astoria, Florence) serving the families who call the coast “home.” Roby’s offers a wide array of quality furniture and home appliances at reasonable prices. The quilt block is currently hung on the building at their old location at 12th and Main in Tillamook.

quilt block Bluetooth original Javadi design

Sand Creek Dental

Quilt Block: Bluetooth (Original Javadi design)

1010 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Dr. Cyrus Javadi and his staff believe a healthy and beautiful mouth are important for everyone. Sand Creek Dental is committed to practicing quality and comprehensive dentistry, offering services including fillings, crowns, implants, sedation, orthodontics, endodontics, dentures, and tooth extractions.

quilt block Tillamook Tulips

Saturday Farmers Market

Quilt Block: Tillamook Tulips

2198 2nd St
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

A thriving market begun in 2001 by five ladies and one gent with a common vision. Operating June through September on Laurel Avenue between 1st and 3rd St in Tillamook.

quilt block Cabin Windows

St Alban’s Church

Quilt Block: Cabin Window

2102 6th Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

St Alban’s Church was first built at its present site in 1924. In 1957, the current church building was constructed by adding onto and enlarging the old church. In 2000, the church established the Monday Supper program “for all who need a meal.” Services are held on Sunday and Wednesday mornings along with special services throughout the year. The church is an inclusive church and everyone is welcome. The church office administers Tillamook Ecumenical Community funds for those in need.

quilt block Dolly Madison Star

St John’s UCC

Quilt Block: Dolly Madison Star

602 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

St John’s UCC was established on October 13, 1901 by the Reverend J.C. Schmid of Wisconsin, a former native of Switzerland, who had moved to the Astoria area in the mid 1890s, eventually settling his family in Tillamook. The first church gatherings originally took place at the Fairview School, generally with about 20 people in attendance. The church then moved its location to Fifth Street where worship services were held for almost four decades. It was in 1949 when St. John's new and current building was erected, with Rev. A.H. Elshoff as pastor. In 1958 the church officially became St. John’s UCC after joining the United Church of Christ. “We are an open and supportive family, loving and growing in our faith through Christian fellowship, affirming and respecting all people.”

quilt block Jack of Diamonds

St. Peter Lutheran Church

Quilt Block: Jack of Diamonds

401 Madrona Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

A one-story wooden structure constructed in 1897-99 formerly housed the United Brethren Church. The builder was Gust Freeman, an emigrant from Sweden who followed plans commonly found in that country. In January of 1896, he borrowed $600 to construct the church. One of the oldest in Tillamook, and except for the replacement of its tower and spire which blew off in a windstorm years ago, it remains in almost original condition. The building has gone through three different denominations and a resident hermit.

quilt block Sunflower

Sunflower Flats

Quilt Block: Sunflower

217 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Occupying part of the 1912 Tillamook Hotel, Sunflower Flats makes every effort to exceed expectations; whether a green plant, dish garden or a mixed vase arrangement, they strive for customer satisfaction. As much as possible, they buy from local growers to provide a unique variety of seasonal offerings.

quilt block Tillamook Spring

The Headlight Herald

Quilt Block: Tillamook Spring

1908 Second Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

The Headlight Herald was founded in 1888 and is the oldest continually running business in Tillamook. It occupies a portion of the first floor of the Masonic Building, built in 1913. Note the old Chandler & Price printing press on display in the Headlight Herald windows. The Headlight Herald is owned by Country Media Inc.

quilt block Posey Chain Marcia Hohn original

Tillamook Association for the Performing Arts (TAPA) – Quilt Trail

Quilt Block: Posey Chain (Marcia Hohn original)

1204 Ivy Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

The Tillamook Association for the Performing Arts (TAPA) grew from a small group known as mthe Blue Heron Players. TAPA’s first production was My Three Angels in 1980. In 2002, TAPA moved into the Barn Community Playhouse. The building was converted from its previous life as a bar and restaurant. Over the years, TAPA has produced full seasons of entertainment with comedies, dramas, musical events and theater workshops.

quilt block Tillamook County Seat Original TCQT design

Tillamook County Court House

Quilt Block: Tillamook County Seat - Original TCQT design

201 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Built in 1935, this is the third courthouse for Tillamook County. It holds the Tillamook County Circuit Court, one of 36 state trial courts in the state court system, the Oregon Judicial Department. They provide fair and accessible justice services that protect the rights of individuals, preserve community welfare, and inspire public confidence.

quilt block Patriots Kaleidoscope Original TCQT design

Tillamook County Creamery Association Farm Store

Quilt Block: Patriot’s Kaleidoscope - Original TCQT design

4 Ivy Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Tillamook County Creamery Association was formed in 1909 out of the desire of a handful of farmers who wanted to ensure that the cheese produced in the area was of the absolute highest Quality. That commitment caught on and the Association eventually expanded to include all of the small, independent cheese plants in Tillamook County. The TCAA Farm Store originated in 1920. Today, TCCA continues to produce great-tasting, award-winning cheeses.

quilt block Trees in the Park

Tillamook County Library – Quilt Trail

Quilt Block: Trees in the Park

1716 3rd Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

The first Tillamook County Library was created at the October 7, 1907 meeting between the Shakespeare Club and Miss Cornelia Marvin, Secretary of the Oregon Library Commission. Miss Marvin traveled throughout the state encouraging the formation of free public libraries. The old Copeland Lumber property was purchased by the county in 2000; the new Tillamook County Headquarters Library opened in 2006. In 2014, property adjacent to the Library was purchased and designated as a site for a Library Park.

quilt block Daisy Supreme original TQCT design

Tillamook County Pioneer Museum – Quilt Trail

Quilt Block: Daisy Supreme - original TCQT design

2106 2nd Street
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Originally the Tillamook County Courthouse from 1905 – 1934. The building currently serves as the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, celebrating over 79 years of preserving and promoting Tillamook County history.

quilt block Tillamook Tin Lizzie original TCQT design

Tillamook Ford

Quilt Block: Tillamook Tin Lizzie - original TCQT design

501 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

The original business started in 1916 as the Tillamook Garage before incorporating to a Ford Dealership in 1955 under Tom Bailey. Bob and Elva Weeks purchased the dealership in 1979 and the business has remained in the Weeks family ever since. For the last 30 years the Weeks Family has generously loaned cars to our local high schools for their homecoming courts, as well as local & visiting dignitaries for the June Dairy Parade.

quilt block Four Tulips Marcia Hohn original

Tillamook Pharmacy

Quilt Block: Four Tulips (Marcia Hohn original)

915 Main Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Built in 1976 by George and Myra Wilson, Tillamook Pharmacy has a history as a family-owned business. The business was purchased by their son, David and Rose Wilson, both O.S.U. graduates in 1998. Current owner, Trushar Patel, says Tillamook Pharmacy is the only independent pharmacy in Tillamook and specializes in unique gifts and helping serve the healthcare needs of the community.

quilt block The Wright Stuff original TCQT design

Tillamook Police Department

Quilt Block: The Wright Stuff - Original TCQT design

207 Madrona Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

On the job protecting and serving the citizens of Tillamook since the days of stagecoaches and cow rustling.

quilt block Log Cabin Rose

Tillamook PUD

Quilt Block: Log Cabin

1115 Pacific Avenue
Tillamook, OR, 97141 (map it)

More Info

Electricity was a luxury that very few Oregon residents had in the early 1930s. Many private electric companies were not interested in building facilities to reach rural customers. As such, Tillamook PUD was formed by a majority vote of the people on July 23, 1933, becoming Oregon’s first People’s Utility District. However, many unfortunate situations delayed the connection of the PUD’s first customers until October 1946. From there, construction of electric facilities rapidly took place and by the end of 1952, Tillamook PUD was serving 3,206 customers. Tillamook PUD has seen many changes through the years. In fact, the main headquarters brick building you see today, where the vibrant quilt block is displayed, was constructed in the mid-1980s after a fire destroyed the previous headquarters building. Though change is continuous, one key element to Tillamook PUD’s operations has always remained constant and that is its mission to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to the customers and community they serve. Tillamook PUD is pleased to be a part of Tillamook’s rich history and looks forward to evolving with the community as it continues to grow.