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Fishing Charters on the Oregon Coast

Tillamook County’s coastal waters and bays are teeming with fish, some with salmon weighing upwards to 50 pounds! Tillamook sits near the mouths of the Kilchis, Wilson, Trask, and Tillamook rivers which flow down from the coast range to converge at Tillamook Bay.

So many rivers, bays, and of course, ocean fishing

The fishing guides provide the angler with almost endless possibilities for locations to fish such as Tillamook Bay, The Pacific Ocean, Nehalem Bay, the Nehalem River, the Kilchis, the Miami River, Wilson River, and the Trask River. The types of fish you can catch in the area are Salmon (spring and fall), Albacore Tuna, Halibut, steelhead, lingcod and various ground fish.

  • Ocean or deep-sea fishing will lead you out on the salty Pacific waters. Bass, salmon, halibut and more await.
  • Dory fishing can be exhilarating and unique. Set out in one of these classic, flat-bottomed boats and haul in tasty salmon, bottom fish, crab and halibut.
  • Get Chinook salmon in the spring and fall. Check out the Wilson, Nestucca and Trask Rivers for these “king” fish.
  • Steelhead can be found in many of the county’s rivers and streams, summer and winter are good seasons for this ocean-adapted cousin of the rainbow trout.

Hire a full-service fishing charter boat

You don’t have to have it all figured out for yourself! If you’re inexperienced but still interested in getting out on the water, consider hiring a guide: charter boat fishing is very popular here. You can go on a tour seeking a particular type of fish—check out some of the options below, and click through the guides’ websites to see more specifics on excursions you can book.

Head out with a group (or just one or two friends or family members) for a great time together. Charter fishing can be perfect for corporate team-building, as a birthday present for the nature-lover in your life or as a way to get kids acquainted with the fun of fishing. Many guides are more than happy to accommodate aspiring fishermen and fisherwomen of all ages—and to cater to any special events or celebrations. Just let them know.

Reserve your spot in advance, to make sure the excursion you want has room for you. These trips can be anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, so plan accordingly. Some boats offer simple refreshments on board, such as water and coffee. But it’s a good idea to bring your own snacks and drinks—and you’ll likely need to pack your own lunch. Find out when you book, and be prepared.

Remember to bring extra clothes! The weather is cooler on the water than on shore, so pack or dress accordingly. Light layers (including waterproof gear like boots, a raincoat and rain pants) will serve you well.

Spend a few hours on the water, using premium equipment, with someone who can show you the ropes, help you catch something—and even show you how to prepare it! Guides are passionate about boating, fishing and the Oregon Coast. They’re excited to take visitors around and show them some of the best things this region has to offer.

Dory Fleet ocean fishing

How to find your guide

A full-service fishing charter includes the use of the boat, fishing poles, tackle, bait, and most importantly qualified guides. Here are a few to choose from (there are many more!):

Garibaldi Charters – Ocean – 503-322-0007
Kerri Lin Charters – Ocean – 503-355-2439
Linda Sue III Charters – Ocean – 503-355-3419
Siggi-G Charters – Ocean – 503-322-3285

Mark Lytle Pacific City Fishing – Dory – 503-351-9019
Eagle Charters Fishing – Dory – 503-801-3464
Haystack Fishing – Dory – 503-965-7555
Sea Bliss Charters -Dory – 503-502-6690

Jim Skaar, Nordic Pirate Guide Service – Bay, river, ocean – 503-842-0250

Big Johnson’s Guide Service – Salmon, Halibut, Steelhead, Crab – 503-812-6403
Pat Abel Guide Service – Salmon – 503-307-6033
All Seasons Guide Service – Salmon – 503-842-6313
Nestucca River Fishing – Salmon, Trout, Steelhead – 503-392-5808
Pro Fish Guide – Salmon – 503-812-2225
Huck’s Guide Service – Salmon and Steelhead – 541-556-7577
St. Laurent Guide Service – Salmon and Steelhead – 503-440-5188
Absolute Angling Guide Service – Salmon and Steelhead – 971-832-0085
Fish with Russ Guide Service – Nehalem Bay Salmon and Steelhead – 503-310-9733
Pacific Roots Adventures  – Salmon, Trout, Steelhead, Crab – 504-484-4440
Lewis and Clark Guide Service – Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon – 503-858-2699
Kelly’s Awesome Adventures – Fishing, crabbing, boat tours – 503-812-8805