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Tillamook Air Museum

A visit to the Tillamook Air Museum is like taking a step back in time – almost literally. Housed inside one of the nation’s last remaining World War II blimp hangars, this world-renowned museum features rare wartime and aviation artifacts and meticulously restored vintage aircraft, and unique, walk-through interactive exhibits.

6030 Hangar Rd
Tillamook, OR 97141
Tillamook Air Museum
Learn about blimps used by the US military.
Check out real details from WWII.
plane and hangar
See the historical hangar and aircrafts.

Tillamook Air Museum cockpits

Historic exhibits

As if the jaw-dropping planes aren’t enough, the museum’s Exhibit Hall features wartime artifacts from WWI to the present, including parts from German’s ill-fated Hindenburg. The Tillamook Air Museum will draw you into a world that is long past but never forgotten. Experience first-hand what life was like during the German “Blitz” over England by climbing into a British WWII air raid shelter, pretending you’re a jet pilot by sitting in the cockpit of one of the museum’s historic aircraft trainers, and walking through the bulbous cargo aircraft, the Mini-Guppy, to learn about all the fascinating objects this airplane carried.

One of the world’s last remaining wooden WWII Blimp Hangars

Not only do the museum’s aircraft, photographs, artifacts and world-class exhibits that surround you tell their stories, but the hangar that houses it all has a story of its own to tell. Built in 1943 by the U.S. Navy for Naval Air Station Tillamook, Hangar B is 1,072 feet long and 296 feet wide, covering more than seven acres of land. It stands 192 feet tall and was one of two hangars built on the site (Hangar A burned down in 1992). It is one of the world’s last remaining wooden WWII blimp structures and sight to behold.

Museum Summer Hours: 10am-6pm, Open Daily
Winter hours, please check the website for current hours – https://tillamookair.com

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The tallest wooden building in North America.