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Tillamook Cheese Factory

There’s only one spot along the Tillamook Coast where you can indulge in an ice cream cone, taste an award-winning grilled cheese sandwich and bring home a bag of "squeaky cheese," all while learning what goes into making world-famous Tillamook medium cheddar cheese.

4175 US-101
Tillamook, OR 97141

Tillamook County Cheese Factory Ice Cream

At the Tillamook Cheese Factory you’ll meet people from all around the world who gather to learn about the cheesemaking process. During the free self-guided tour you, too, will discover why Tillamook has such a deep connection to its cheese and understand the history that has gone into making the famous baby loaf. Learn about the dairy cows and why the Tillamook Valley is such an opportune place to raise them. Test your knowledge on the differences among Jersey, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Holstein and Dutch Belted cows, and read about some of the first dairy farms in the area.

Take an interactive, behind-the-scenes peek at how your favorite cheese is produced and packaged. You’ll even get a chance to sample different types of Tillamook cheese and enjoy a scoop or two (or more!) of your favorite Tillamook ice cream flavors. Don’t have a favorite? Don’t worry! There are endless varieties to choose from. Or maybe you’d rather stop by the Creamery Café for a delectable grilled Tillamook cheese sandwich. There’s even a fudge counter featuring more than thirty different types of old-fashioned fudge made with creamy Tillamook butter.

Finally, don’t miss out on the gift shop. Pick out some “Tillamook flavored” souvenirs that will ensure you never forget your trip to this renowned Tillamook Coast landmark. While you’re there, get your picture taken in the adorable Baby Loaf Bus, which travels on the Loaf Love Tour and brings the naturally-aged cheeses to people all across the country. Because in Tillamook, cheese is a tradition, and cows are treated like family, so why wouldn’t we want to spread the love around a bit?