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Barview, Oregon

Barview, OR

Barview Jetty is located on the north shore of Tillamook Bay, two miles north of Garbaldi on Highway 101. The Jetty is comprised of 37,000 tons of stone to resist the fierce force of ocean waves. August is an entire month of prime time fishing for the region. Noted explorer Robert Gray, who first set foot on the shores of Tillamook Bay in August 1788, would be quite impressed and glad, too, that a jetty was built to protect the shoreline of the Tillamook spit. It’s a great day for fishing off the jetty; extending 5,213 feet into the ocean, it makes you feel as if you were walking on the water.

One of the best kept camping secrets is Barview Jetty County Campground

The campground offers plenty of tent sites surrounded by native forest and sand dunes, RV sites, hot showers, and trails through the woods to the beach. There is a brief two minute walk to an amazing beachfront, which is only half a mile long but very broad, creating a welcoming sandy shoreline. Things to do at Barview include skin diving, surfing, hiking, scuba diving and, of course, fishing!

Barview Oregon