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Natural Wonders

Tillamook Coast Natural Wonders Octopus Tree

Rugged cliffs dropping into the ocean, sandy beaches in secluded coves, forested shorelines and panoramic views of miles of craggy coastline are only a small part of Oregon’s natural wonders. Oregon boasts a diverse coastline, scenic mountains, volcanic obsidian, waterfalls, deserts, and many more stunning features. A host of rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs in Oregon invites you to pick your favorite bodies of water for boating, fishing, swimming, or just lounging dockside. We have a coastline of immeasurable diversity, thousands of waterfalls and rivers, and the ninth deepest lake on the planet. We have high deserts, flat deserts, rain forests, evergreen forests, alpine forests and endless pastures of wildflowers. Oregon’s eleven national forests, 21 national wildlife refuges, 361 state parks, national scenic areas, and national grasslands make for plenty of pristine and wild spaces to explore. Besides the exercise, Vitamin D intake, and days at the beach that go along with the Oregon experience, you’ll surely remember the masterpiece landscapes long after the vacation is over.

There’s no shortage of natural wonders, which means how you choose to explore it is entirely up to you. Along the coast, there are plenty of natural wonders for the entire family to see. From the trails at Kilchis Point, all the way to the historic lighthouse at Cape Meares, you’ll find scenic views that are sure to amaze even the oldest residents of Oregon. Discover one of Oregon’s tallest waterfalls, Munson Creek Falls, while exploring the various trails that surround that natural feature. Oswald West State Park, which includes a beautiful stretch of beach and forest, is a popular location known for its miles of hiking trails that feature stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Regardless of where you choose to explore along the Oregon coast, a lack of beautiful scenery and panoramic views will never be a problem!

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