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Hoffman Center for the Arts

The Hoffman Center is a hub for arts and culture on the Tillamook Coast. Here you can find author readings, workshops, classes and exhibits.

594 Laneda Ave
Manzanita, OR 97130
(503) 368-3846

For the community

There’s something at the Hoffman Center for creators of all kinds—and for those who appreciate and want to celebrate the arts. The center invites Oregon coast residents and visitors to create, explore and enjoy writing, painting, pottery, film and more. Programming covers a range of different types of art, with a focus on community-building.

Choose your medium

To nurture an interest in textiles, check out the fiber arts circle. Held twice monthly, it gives fiber artists the opportunity to share their work and discuss ideas. Knitting, crocheting, quilting, as well as the work of dyeing and weaving yarn or other fabrics would all be considered a part of this growing discipline. Come learn more and discover new materials, methods and resources for getting started or improving your skills!

If film is your thing, you’ll find a hub for that at Hoffman as well. For ten years, the Manzanita Film Series has brought provocative regional films to the north Oregon coast, aiming to inspire discussion. Filmmakers often make an appearance and lead discussions themselves. While it’s focused on both short and feature-length narrative and documentary films created by Pacific Northwest artists, sometimes the series also brings in international short films.

At the Hoffman Gallery, visitors can find featured work and workshops from regional creators. Check out artists’ openings for each show, and enjoy Q&A time and discussion. Artwork is available for purchase during Open Gallery hours and a percentage of every sale helps support the center. New shows run monthly and include art in 2D and 3D media, from paintings to prints to collages to art glass.

There are always new offerings

Keep informed through the Hoffman Center for the Arts website, where you’ll find complete listings for all programs and special events.


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